The man who owned the internet wants .cm registry back under his control asap

Kevin Ham has spent the last 9 – 10 month’s in China, working closely with government officials on a possible illegal and hostile takeover strategy… For those of you unfamiliar with this case, in mid 2009 the man lost control over Cameroon’s country code top level domain which was wild carded and reportedly bringing in over 7 figures per day in PPC revenues. Ham was personally promised exclusivity and the right to manage it for the next 69 years by a head of the state, who unfortunately died.

So Kevin Ham has been working closely with influential Chinese politicians who are unfamiliar with internet matters to put together a strong case, in which they claim that the .CM ccTLD infringes on China’s very popular .CN ccTLD which has been in operation since 1990. Cameroon’s .CM was launched in 1995 for the sole purpose of  acquiring mis-typed traffic from China’s 1 billion+ citizens.

A judge has already been appointed and well compensated by Kevin Ham’s camp from what we have learned, so this should be an easy victory as the case is solid. The most profitable and mistyped ccTLD in the world will be once again under the control of a good Christian man who knows very well what to do with it.

Kevin Ham promised to split all of the typo traffic between Yahoo and Google powered PPC feeds. Sergey and Larry were excited to hear about this latest development and said that they promise to bring back the website if the traffic converts better than 125%. Win-win! Officials in Beijing are thrilled.

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  • I thought .CM was a mis-spelling for .com, not .cn? How are they going to make that argument stick….unless the case is “stacked”…sounds like it already is.

  • This is an April Fool’s joke, right?

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