1 sold domain, 6 month’s later…

I like to check up on domains which I sold every now and then. Always interesting to see whether it’s been developed, marketed, etc. So I sold the domain WallStickers.net about 6 month’s ago to an “end user” and it was immediately developed by the new owners as a full blown e-commerce store selling you guessed it, wall stickers and wall decor.

It wasn’t that difficult to get it sold, because a good keyword domain really sells itself. Of course it has to be priced right. We kept the asking price reasonable, got multiple offers and made a deal with one fella who seemed very nice and definitely knows what he is doing. It was actually a quick flip, as I acquired it for about $100 or $150 last year from another domainer.

Lets look at the monthly search volumes with the Google AdWords Keyword Tool, [exact match] for root keyword wall stickers is 135,000 in the US and 246,000 worldwide. That is more than 3,000,000 people typing in wall stickers into Google.com annually and looking to shop for these.

Broad match is exactly 1,000,000 per month globally… So it’s safe to say that these wall sticker things are pretty popular and in-demand. Also if you look at the Google search trends for the keyword wall stickers from the past few years… It shows that this product is slowly but surely still growing. Heck, it’s only existed for about five years. Still a lot of room to grow…

I could of easily developed this domain, sure… But I always try to flip a domain first if possible. There is really no shortage of good keyword domains to be had which can be developed, and I already have literally 1,000’s of similar domains sitting in my portfolio waiting and waiting for something to go up on them.

I am sure the new owner’s of WallStickers.net are extremely happy with the purchase of this category leading domain. I am also 100% sure that they got their money’s worth literally within a few month’s as the domain now ranks at the top for keyword “wall stickers” at Google.com, Yahoo.com and Bing.com as well.

Now that is the power of keyword domains… Put up some relevant content + do a bit of standard on-page search engine optimization = organic keyword rankings within a few month’s and you know what specific e-commerce product related keyword rankings mean… $$$ Cha-ching $$$$ !! Those are targeted shoppers brought right to your door, at no cost. Just give them the opportunity to purchase what they want and it’s money in the bank. Gotta love it! :)

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