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With close to 230,000 domains and growing fast… I think Andrew Reberry is onto something “huge” here. Not too many people are familiar with or Mr. Reberry but he is no rookie when it comes to the domain biz and internet marketing / development. In the last 1 – 2 years he has put together an impressive domain portfolio and quite a unique online marketplace that is visited by probably 400,000 – 500,000 end-user domain buyers monthly on average right now.

It’s clear that he has modeled his entire biz similar to that of BuyDomains, and that wasn’t such a bad idea… The entire concept of “retail” domain sales has been proven time and time again by BuyDomains over the years who are probably one of the top 2 or 3 domain investors in the world with 1,000,000 domains in their arsenal and millions of dollars in sales monthly. So if you see something working great, do copy it, just don’t forget to put your own unique twist to it and try to do it a little better. It’s what 90% of all businesses do, whether they like to admit it or not.

Andrew Reberry’s company, got accredited as an ICANN registrar a little while ago as which is currently one of the top 60 largest registrars in the world. Now of course all of the domains registered there are their own… But that just goes to show you that this man is on a mission. Anybody who is running a huge operation like that should have his own registrar, plus it makes sense because you can save some nice cash. Guys like Kevin Ham and Frank Schilling have their own registrars as well.

It looks like all of the traffic coming to the main website,, is from direct navigation. Visitors who type in one of the 230,000 owned domains are immediately redirected to a for sale page. No PPC ads or any other bullshit. It’s straight to business… And the Huge Domains website setup is just as good as or Andrew went all out and put together something truly special and unique in order to close as many sales as possible. You only get one chance at making a good first impression ;)

So far he has probably invested $2,000,000 on all these domains, infrastructure, development, etc… Still though, he is registering thousands of domains and making improvements. I tried to get the lowdown but the man kindly refused when asked for an interview. I guess he’s just not done yet and ready for the spotlight but really, the man has accomplished a lot in a very short period of time and should be recognized for that… It’s impressive for a thirty something year old self made businessman / entrepreneur. He’s now part of a very elite group of domainers.

This just goes to show you that if you put your mind to it, anything is possible… Even in 2009 or 2010 or 2011!! It was a little less than one year ago when Andrew really cranked things up and went hard at it as far as domain acquisitions go. You know, there was a new blogger who popped up a few month’s ago into the blogosphere who claimed to have 200,000+ domains and earn millions with this and that… Blah blah.. But it’s impossible to verify his claims. Impossible to know if he even owns 1/10th of what he says… Not that it’s anybody’s business or whatever.

But anyways, then there was a huge debate and discussion at one of the domainer forums where people tried to figure things out (snooping around) and many said that it is impossible to create a huge portfolio of 100,000 domains in 2 years that can earn PPC $ and especially 200,000 of them… But come on, anything is possible. It’s not easy to put together a quality portfolio that can be turned profitable in such a short period of time, but if you’re experienced and know what you are doing… You will figure it out. It’s never too late.

Looks like Andrew did just that and proved everybody wrong. He figured it out for good… Forget parking and PPC,  lets focus on domain sales. PERIOD! That is of course where the money is… Always has and always will be. Domain parking income is a nice passive revenue stream but a domain sale can generate a lot more cash flow than the expected lifetime PPC income. No arguing or denying this.

From my domaining career early on, we’re talking about right around 2004, I personally always took the “exit” option when I was presented with a reasonable offer to buy one of my domains or a whole group of them… I never got attached to them whatsoever or actually fantasized and believed that PPC earnings can magically somehow go up 2x, 3x, etc. I am not very patient when it comes to investments and if there is a chance to make a guaranteed profit with little to no effort… DONE DEAL!

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  • Last month, while I was cleaning up my Fab parking account – updating landers and removing domains from my account that I allowed to lapse – I discovered that HugeDomains picked up a substantial number of my drops . . . all now nicely priced at $1900 and up.

    Now, admittedly there’s some suggestion of intelligence in their moves, as the names I allowed to drop – and they promptly registered – were once at least good enough to meet someone’s “reg worthy standard”, i.e., my retrospectively shoddy standard.

    BUT REALLY, is ALSO bit of a clue in the fact that the domains are being DELIBERATELY DROPPED . . an implicit suggestion . . that someone who knows the business determined that registration justification analysis was indeed shoddy.

    So, while you want to extol the intelligence of HD’s actions . . maybe implicitly soliciting a bit of work for your services . . I’d like to suggest that what I see is a re-run of the work of Dr. What’s-His-Name of 247-Domain fame.

    Sad. I wish them the best of luck but I’m doing my best, by running away from the domains they are re-registering, to send a message “FAIL”.

    Who knows? Maybe they’ll be luckier than . . the last fool who registered them. :-/

  • The site looks good. Keep up the good work!

  • Interesting observation there, Jeff. In another year or two, they will probably double up the inventory… No shortage of domains to be had.

    Most of the “Huge Domains” listed are brandable / sound good type because most generics have been long gone.

    Nice to see a market for these…. And even nicer to see people buying them, paying $1000s :)

  • They are going to have to sell a lot of domains at their retail price level to cover the renewal fees
    of 230,000 domains. Renewal costs will be in excess of 1.47 million. They were very active in the “tasting” game back in the day.

  • Interesting information…

    Thanks for sharing…

    Is there a bio on Andrew Reberry, somewhere online ??

    What nickname does he use on:
    DNF etc…
    Twitter ??
    Facebook ??
    LinkedIN ??

    – - – anyone have this info ??

    Thanks in advance…
    ~Patricia Kaehler

  • @ Pat

    try to google “Andrew Reberry” ;)

  • Getyoid

    Hopefully their online software is better than the completely sad state of the online domain portfolio management software at / BuyDomains. I mean, their system is probably one of the worst examples of online software I have ever used.

    Their customer service is no better. I had over 1000 domains with them and they couldnt do so much as reply to questions as to why adding or updating my domains didnt work. I would take weeks to get a reply.

    Hopefully these guys are maybe former users of their online system, with some programming knowledge, and they are determined to do it properly. Good luck to them!

  • Thanks for the information. I recently bought a domain from the hugedomains and wrote up a blog post about my experience:

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