Frank Schilling wants you to buy the right domains and change your business destiny..

Yup, that’s right… But wait, he is not the only one. Kevin Ham does too! Between the two of them, they own well over 800,000 top keyword domains, modestly valued at a minimum $500 million today easily and maybe even as high as $1 billion… Depends who you ask ;)

So why are they selling lots of their domains you ask? It’s simple, really… Called “house cleaning” where you try to get rid of domains that aren’t too important to you (most likely because they are not making any / enough PPC revenue) or as domain insiders like to call this offloading “liquidating non strategic domains”.

I noticed a new sales pitch on many of Frank Schilling’s premium keyword domains such as,,,, etc.. Promoting / Proforma Inc. Domain Brokerage Services… It’s presented in an animated flash banner in the middle of the landing pages which scroll a nice and to the point sales pitch. It goes a little something like this:

“Small business has always been one of the best investments

A high quality domain name is like prime real estate

Browse our portfolio of domains

Choose the right domain name

Buy a domain name and change your business destiny”

Kevin Ham’s domain sales website has a pretty nice sales pitch as well, right on the main page it communicates the following:

“It all starts with the name

Owning the right domain name for yourself or your business can mean the difference between success or failure”

Pretty short, sweet and right to the point… They also had this to say as an intro on their homepage to further reinforce the sales pitch.

“In this day and age, the development of a great brand is dependent on having a strong online presence. This in part is dictated by owning the matching domain name for your brand or better yet, by owning the premium generic domain for your category”

Overall, both messages are very powerful and should get the job done. It really doesn’t require much sweet talking when it comes to selling domain names because a good domain usually sells it self but still… If you can’t afford any of Frank Schilling’s or Kevin Ham’s domains, no worries. You can find plenty of goodies over at the Domain Stryker lists. For as low as $25 – $60 you can score plenty of deals!

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